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Caramel Strategy.
We get to the heart of a brand’s
potential and, through expertise and
objectivity, we work with brands and
their guardians to uncover, explore,
rebuild and realign that potential

We connect brands with humans.

Through curiosity, understanding and empathy, we apply scenario-based, human-driven design thinking to solve business problems and expose opportunities. Our approach is people first and by placing humans, the end customer, at the centre of everything we do, we drive to create real engagement.

Discovery comes from questioning the status quo, challenging the rules and pushing creative boundaries. Leaving assumptions to the side, we ask targeted questions to gain deep, insightful understandings. We believe honest conversations drive better creative output, as you can’t strike gold without digging first.

By following a tried and true
process, our solutions are
based on objective truths
not subjective opinions

01/ Discovery

We begin every project with a conversation, so we can soak up as many insights as possible about the business and its customers. This stops us from guessing or assuming, providing the best foundation of knowledge to get started.

02/ Diagnosis

Applying our Caramel filter, we interpret the information and insights from our Discovery phase. We think broadly and then funnel down to prepare a collection of strategic recommendations designed to meet the business’ objectives.

03/ Caramelisation

Everything is better caramelised. Our creative ideas begin to bubble and form, and we work with our businesses and brand guardians to explore what the project is actually going to look, feel or sound like.

04/ Implementation

Putting everything into action, we design, make, code, write, capture and cut. We fine tune our creative ideas into carefully considered design outcomes, for a finished product that will knock your socks off.

The collective experience of our
people drives our established track
record since 2005 of independent
creative thinking with commercial
impact and results

We encourage conversation directly between our clients and creatives, collectively putting our heads together to share the challenges and the rewards. Our experienced project management team are the conduit in the delivery of high-end creative and strategic depth, for effective outcomes that underpin our clients’ success.

Supported by our Founder and Principal Aaron Lee, we operate with a flat, inclusive business structure and share diverse yet complementary skill sets that cover the fields of brand strategy, strategic communications, graphic design, digital design and development, photography, videography, animation, copywriting and project management.

Josh Clough - Digital Designer.

Josh Clough

Digital Designer.

Frank Franzese - Client Services Director.

Frank Franzese

Client Services Director.

Cara Lee - Partner. <br>General Manager.

Cara Lee

General Manager.

Morris Salahifar - Digital Producer.

Morris Salahifar

Digital Producer.

Alan Winney - Studio Manager.

Alan Winney

Studio Manager.

Petr Kolarik - Front End Developer.

Petr Kolarik

Front End Developer.

Anthony Teoh - Design Director.

Anthony Teoh

Design Director.

Oliver Chaffe - Motion Director.

Oliver Chaffe

Motion Director.

Justin Davies - Creative Director.

Justin Davies

Creative Director.

Aaron Lee - Founder.<br>Principal.

Aaron Lee


Beck Maher - Designer.

Beck Maher


Independently owned, we're
driven by the success of our
clients, as it's when brands
grow that we grow too.

Never just a number, we listen, we understand, and we are invested in all brands that trust us with their business – no matter the size. Working with a breadth of businesses from start-ups to multinationals, we align together with our clients to achieve better outcomes through brand engagement.

Let's create business
success together.


Caramel Creative acknowledges the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of this nation as the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which we live and work.

We pay our respects to Elders, past, present and emerging.