Our approach

Our brand idea ‘Australian by nature’ led us to a rather cheeky name that reflects the playful, irreverent nature of the average Aussie: OSO or ‘Other Significant Other’, which expresses a person’s relationship with themselves and their skincare.

The visual expression of the brand was driven by the brand personality and brand idea, using a bright, cheeky style of imagery and a broad colour palette that celebrates the Australian sun and sky. This was expressed through the core brand imagery, art-directed by us and shot by Tracy Lee Hayes.

We designed and built the Shopify e-commerce website with a focus on the native ingredients and their benefits. Working with illustrator Elise Lampe we created an illustrative expression of each of the products.


We created a social content strategy and content plan. Designing and producing up to 3/4 posts per week across animation, video and static posts.


OSO Skincare launched in 2022 and has created a distinct position within a crowded marketplace. By pursuing an organic growth strategy, OSO is gaining recognition and market traction.