Our approach

We developed a guiding strategy to unlock Banner’s unique positioning – creating real estate investment clarity. This was expressed through a new brand identity that spoke to their two audiences, borrowers and investors. The icon of a cropped ‘B’ visually brings the brand idea to life.

The next step was a full suite of brand communications, from redesigning all of Banner’s fund material and templates, through to redesigning their quarterly thought leadership brochure both offline and online.

Lastly, we designed and built the refreshed Banner website that included all their fund investment information and their commitment to sporting communities.


The brand launched in 2022 and has seen a strong positive response from their investors and employees. It created real cut-through in a crowded marketplace, resulting in continued growth and strong sales for the company.

“Through an audit of our digital footprint and evaluation of our key business principles, Caramel delivered new branding that both reflects our history and represents the innovative, forward-thinking company Banner is today. The team at Caramel created a cooperative working environment from start to finish, they provided their expertise and strong guidance when required, while providing full transparency and communication through each stage. The new brand has seen a positive response from investors and employees.”

Alex Bacskos​
Marketing and Communications Manager