As we got to know the business better, we uncovered their differentiated positioning – always looking to deliver more. This expressed itself in the brand idea ‘Thinking tomorrow, delivering today’, summarising Vemi’s ability to see the outcome of the journey at the very beginning of the process.

The brand idea was expressed visually through a modern wordmark that represented the shift of today-tomorrow though the interplay between the V and the i. This was supported by a colourful brand expression using colour, photography and icons to represent their expertise, talent and relationships.

We designed and built the updated Vemi website and have brought on-going support to their social presence.

With people at the heart of the business, we worked with photographer Dave Kulesza to bring their bubbly and warm personalities to life.


The project delivered measurable results when the client won new business off the back of the strategy work and the new verbal expression of the brand. This has since been backed by several new project wins and a positive collective response from Vemi employees on how connected they feel to the brand and how proud they are to be part of the team.

“Caramel delivered an outstanding result for us. Their strategic thinking and process really uncovered the goals we have for the Vemi brand. Their collaborative approach resulted in the Caramel team to produce a great visual identity that truly captures the Vemi personality. We’ve had overwhelming positive support for the work. We’ve won work on the back of it. We look forward to continuing our partnership as we grow into our new brand.”

Mark Jansz​​
Principal, Vemi