Our strategic approach allowed us to fully understand DKO’s design intent and architectural approach, which we reinterpreted into a compelling campaign story. Focusing on the post-COVID office, we created the idea of ‘Work. Life. Balanced.’ A workplace that channels the wellbeing of home and the aspirational qualities of a contemporary hotel.

“Working with the Caramel team was a great collaborative experience. Caramel created a distinctive brand and campaign that cut through the sea of sameness, formulaic marketing approach, positioning our development as true stand-alone opportunity.”

Leighton Pyke
Director, Little Projects Co

We enriched the storytelling experience through video interviews with key project stakeholders, captured, art-directed and edited by us.

Digital experience

We designed and built the ready for market website, cementing the signature Dover House online experience.


Working closely Little Projects Co and Colliers to develop the sales track, we developed a visual identity that drew on modern European work-life design cues, and was centred around an iconic ‘house’ visual. We launched the new Dover House campaign in early 2022.