Co-founder Arielle has been crazy about skincare for as long as she can remember. After replacing chemical-filled skincare with all-natural alternatives, Arielle and her partner Will, discovered the transformative impact of clean ingredients. Working with their chemist they created their first natural skincare range. We worked with them to develop the start-up skincare brand from strategy and naming through to identity and packaging.

Our approach

Our brand idea ‘Australian by nature’ led us to a rather cheeky name that reflects the playful, irreverent nature of the average Aussie: OSO or ‘Other Significant Other’, which expresses a person’s relationship with themselves and their skincare.

The visual expression of the brand was driven by the brand personality and brand idea, using a bright, cheeky style of imagery and a broad colour palette that celebrates the Australian sun and sky. This was expressed through the core brand imagery, art-directed by us and shot by Tracy Lee Hayes.

We designed and built the Shopify e-commerce website with a focus on the native ingredients and their benefits. Working with illustrator Elise Lampe we created an illustrative expression of each of the products.

We created a social content strategy and content plan. Designing and producing up to 3/4 posts per week across animation, video and static posts.


OSO Skincare launched in 2022 and has created a distinct position within a crowded marketplace. By pursuing an organic growth strategy, OSO is gaining recognition and market traction.