Through collaborative workshops with Mirvac, we crafted a strategy centred on fostering the ethos embodied by 7 Spencer: an environment that cultivates flexibility, responsiveness, and wellbeing, while nurturing a sense of community among its tenants. Engineered to inspire individuals and teams alike, 7 Spencer is designed to facilitate meaningful connections.

Embracing our new ways of working, we devised a brand and marketing persona that embodies dynamism, responsiveness, brightness, and human-focused design.

Leveraging Mirvac’s expertise in workplace design, 7 Spencer emerges as tomorrow’s workplace, realised today, and designed to work for the people of tomorrow.

To showcase the building’s people-centric design philosophy, we crafted a collection of workforce portraits embodying progression, energy, and forward-thinking vision. Collaborating with photographer Sam Bisso, we produced a series of impactful portraits that encapsulate the potential of tomorrow. The images were captured using 7 Spencer’s vibrant colour palette to evoke positivity and optimism.

Drawing inspiration from the timeless business concept of a ‘Day in the life,’ we devised an abstract portrayal featuring a spectrum of coloured lines. Each hue signifies a distinct phase of the day, spanning from dawn to dusk, encompassing bustling moments to serene, wellbeing-focused intervals.

This spectrum graphic seamlessly integrates with imagery of people, symbolising connectivity, flexibility, and diverse experiences.

Colour emerged as a powerful tool, juxtaposing vibrant people imagery against a backdrop of black. We introduced a bespoke dynamic icon suite and emphasised message-focused writing to further enhance the impact.


7 Spencer initiated its soft launch in mid-2023, sparking a notable surge in inquiries, and is set for a full launch in 2024. Following this success, Mirvac has enlisted the services of Caramel to develop the corresponding 7 Spencer retail-focused campaign.