Inspiring the domestic Australian traveller

Where uniqueness has become commonplace, how do we find a new perspective? For those who seek more, Abercrombie & Kent offer bespoke travel experiences and modern luxury – through the lens of those who know.

We developed an emotive script and sound-directed a stirring score that gave voice to the wonder of travel. We edited and produced a cinematic film with visuals demonstrating the breadth of experience available and stunning tapestries woven by nature’s hand.

Reflecting the past, inspired for the future

To celebrate the company’s 60th year we worked with Abercrombie & Kent to produce a film that represented the values and beliefs of the business, whilst reflecting on the transformative power of travel and the once-in-a-lifetime experiences it provides.

Working solely with existing footage due to Covid lockdowns, we developed the script and storyboard right through to editing, colour grading and voiceover. The film captivated viewers and delivered a ‘Wow’ moment at the 2022 Abercrombie & Kent business conference in the USA.