At the heart of Technē work sits their unique north star ‘To make, poetically’. It’s tangible way of working that talks to the individually crafted process they follow, the idea of enriching the human experience and lastly its about creating a moment. The feeling when you walk into a space that creates a smile.

We worked with Technē to uncover how the website can continue this way of working. So, for example how user interactions can create that ‘smile in the mind’ moment.

Our initial concepts spread wide and far, challenging the Technē with how much of their own brand personality versus being a portfolio site.

Our final design approach brought to life the macron within the Technē logo as way express their way of working and positive outlook. From the moment a user arrives on the site the macron becomes a playful interactive moment, which then transforms into the sites key navigation device.

The site consciously explores the use of white space as a way to guide the user through the sites rich and varied content.

Custom Story Telling

The design is based upon a clear UI thinking with content broken down into interchangeable modules and templates.

User Experience

The user experience was further enhanced by interactions from key project detail rollovers to sketchy animated underlines that trigger on page scroll.

Bringing the personality to life

Technē’s culture and personality was characterised through fun little hidden user interactions across the site, and authentic photography. The studio page featured a deck of cards playful modular that shows the day to day of studio life.